Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Light and heat in your eyes..... Music - an emotional toolkit.

I love Peter Gabriel's music and it's always a fascination to see how people interpret music in image; what additional evocation they may draw out. The phrase "emotional toolkit" came from Peter.

Peter is a great human rights supporter and has played with the Zawose family and supports them via his own website. The Zawose Foundation aims to support musicians and artists in Tanzania and recognises the enormous toll AIDS has claimed in Africa.
Peter will be honoured as an icon at the BMI Awards in the UK in October for his influence on generations of musicians. See

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Josephine said...

hey susan,

it seems to me that people like Peter Gabrielle are like Liz Taylor, they have been working for and supporting causes that were at one time very unpopular-I am always so greatful that there are people out there who give up there time and their lives to help those who live in some very sad situations.