Saturday, September 22, 2007

I love street art - Featuring the 3D art of Julian Beever

I do. I really love seeing good street art. For me the 'good' is simply longing that the art could remain in situ or be transposed elsewhere and enjoyed with the same longevity as a painting. I've always enjoyed sidewalk chalk artists but am blown away by the 3D arts works of several including the gent I feature here Julian Beever. I find my mind and eyes arguing with each other as I view some of the works. I know they are flat but I can't believe that! And that total suspension of sensory belief is what I think fundamentally fabulous.

Now, look at how Aveeno used Beever's artistry for an ad image. Here we're seeing the art creation of course:

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Josephine said...

Incredible Susan. watching this tape i thought i must learn more about this medium-art-I like to look at paintings but only in terms of if they make me feel them(know what I mean?). It's lovely to come and learn and to open my mind to all the other ways in which creativity is expressed and it's amazing to see someone just create a painting just like that it was beautiful and fun.