Sunday, September 30, 2007


You undertake some interesting tasks and roles as a Freelancer. I enjoy Freelance work enormously because of the chops and changes between ideas and application of technique. It's dynamic and enervating. I get to work primarily from home-base and geography isn't a limitation.

There are of course significant benefits to Business having a solid posse of full time knowledge creatives. I think that's where the big gun works gets done. At the same time a good freelancer can backfill and support in multiple niche areas such as devil's advocacy, supporting community based social responsibility issues, advising on themes and values that are important to the populace, monitoring government funding potentials and so on. Sometimes its as good as a quality assurance process (if one buys into such terms).

I look at someone like Kevin Roberts and I am amazed at who he is in a sense. I could never do what he does despite the fabulous lifestyle his articles imply he has. I don't have that way of absolutely mosh pitting life like Kevin has. I am too tremulous and I enjoy terra firma like you would not believe!

So, we each fly in our own way. For one a global flightdeck position, for another the kitchen to the right, for another the university hallways and darkrooms of photography, for another the financial models and socio-political persuasions :)

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