Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fluid Control - Imagine the Application in an Advertisement

This marvellous image is created by using magnetic forces on a substance called ferroliquid. The two vids I have chosen show two variations of application. In the first, an interpretive and interactive piece, magnets are used to draw and pull the material but then personal intervention can also create movement. In the second video, note how the intervention of the metal spiral creates the ferroliquid flower. You can make ferroliquid and it is fascinating to have a small amount in a sealed container and to run a magnet or two slowly around that container to see the material shape shifting. How might you use the liquid and the effects it is capable of in an advertisement? As you watch the spirals and listen to the music (second video) where is your imagination taken? What do you see in the depths of the liquid?


Tony said...

Wow! That's outstanding - stuuning!

Josephine said...

Hey susan,
ok don't laugh but if this was an ad I had this picture in my head.

That the dark liquid water looks to me a bit like oil or chemical waste, beautiful but deadly and as the water level rises we see what looks like two magical christmas trees.

There is something about the two trees that is oddly sad and then we could hear a voice over that says something like...

"The world's sea levels are rising and so too is the amount of toxic waste that we dump into them..take a good look at those trees, one day trees and christmas may just be a memory..

Let's work together to clean up our enviroment.

(or grins)

well you did ask


Josephine said...

susan i forgot to add, the image in my head is a bit like when we see pictures of birds that are slick with oil on the beach, this would be trees that are slick with this dark gleaming liquid that has slowly risen to cover every single pine needle..almost as if the entire sentiment of nature-greenery, christmas and winter is being slowly washed away