Thursday, September 27, 2007

De Beers - A diamond is forever

I grew up with the phrase "a diamond is forever".

I have been wondering whether, when all is said and done, the thrust of advertising is that much changed from the earlier last century; let's say the mid 1920's.

Take this 1924 Ford ad. Ahh..the fun of pulling up in your own vehicle and receiving service at the door! How different to pulling up at Maccas and strutting the car circa 2004?

When you compare advertising images used in the cosmetic industry, there is very little difference in either visual or caption between the 1920's and now. We are sparser in text now but the singularly beautiful face posing with a logo and product visual has been standard.

Aside from the introduction of high tech digital imagery that has hurled new opportunities for presentation and message power, are core message values of 'beauty is valued', 'convenience is important', 'status is good' et al really what there is and what will always be?

Diamond image sourced from De Beers

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