Sunday, September 9, 2007

Loveact - Loveacting - Loveactioned (Susan Plunkett's terms)

I offered a Lovemark to Giesen wines - - on Kevin's/Saatchi's Lovemarks site.

I had taken the sentiment to the winery some months prior to knowing that Kevin's Lovemarks existed - and in ensuring the winery knew of my enjoyment and appreciation I made a Loveact.

I'm a person who believes in Loveacts because I believe in giving positive feedback on product. I also believe in working to ensure the employees on the factory floor hear about the Lovemark and I encourage management to pass my Lovemark on . To my mind, Lovemarks and Loveacts are owned by everyone in the business and are not the sole property of management.

I have Loveactioned to other firms and so am interested to hear where you may have acted similarly. I'd like to think there are more Loveacts out there than we may know. Hearing about them helps us celebrate and further the Lovemark concept.

If you haven't done this, can you share why? Do you feel too distant from the business? Shy? Don't believe they would hear your single voice?

In Loveacting towards Giesen, I have developed a gentle ongoing interaction which I enjoy. Not just an isolated act but an ongoing sentiment and response.


Tony said...

I "Love" your terms. I'm surprised you haven't been snatched up by Saatchis yet! :-)

CONSUL said...

I have never done Lovemarketing in the pure sense of the word, because I really don`t think it`s a Loveact: it`s a unilateral commercial act with one winner. I would consider doing Lovemarketing if the benifit would be shared.

Tony said...

I haven't tried Giesen wines, but based on your recommendation I will. I believe that's part of the beauty of Kevin's Lovemarks. A community sharing their passions.

Reading Consul's Blog, it sounds like Porshe is a Lovemark for him(even though he doesn't use the term).

I travelled to the Peter Lehmann's winery in the Barossa Valley & sampled some stunning wines & food. Whenever I drink one of his wines, the memories and experiences flood my senses. That's a Lovemark for me!

Susan Plunkett said...

Tony, did you let Lehmann's know you felt/feel that way? If not, what stops you from doing so?

The Giesen Sauvignon Blanc. Glorious.

I'm interested in the food element and may come back to that.

Piotr Jakubowski said...

I think the problem in many cases with "Loveacting" is that there is no feedback after the praise was submitted, especially with large corporations.

That being said, when I find a company or organization that I feel has exceeded my expectations, I let them know. A restaurant in Chicago called America's Dog was one of these. I ate at one of their 3 locations, and the quality of the food, the diverse menu and the quick service was amazing. I did also make some suggestions. I received a reply from the owner thanking me for my feedback.

It was a great feeling!

Susan Plunkett said...

Thanks for this Piotr. Indeed, I think that chasm sense when you submit positives and hear nothing is problematic. Humans like feedback and a simple acknowledgment of reception of your issue is the least one could hope for.

I presume that not hearing acknowledgment would lead to a lessening of love for some. Simply on the basis that the qualities you felt the product and its makers had may be slightly diminished.