Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Heroes and Adventurers

We need them. We need their risk factor and their courage. Their positive role modeling. Their selflessness.

At the time, I was tremendously touched by the story of hero Robert Cook, the young parachute instructor who, knowing their plane was about to crash, wrapped himself up around his pupil, constantly reassuring her and in the end saving her life while ending his own. In the image, Robert is with his father teaching him how to skydive.

Then you have Steve Fossett who simply describes the phrase "daring do".

Source of image of Robert Cooke:
Source of image for Steve Fossett: The NY Times.


Josephine said...

Hello Susan,

I often come to KR's blog and I see you post on there so I came to hello to you on your blog.

I have really enjoyed your posts and will come and visit with you regulary.


Susan Plunkett said...


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Piotr Jakubowski said...

"Daring Do", said Steve Fossett, as the search for his fallen plane still continues in the United States. It takes great courage and perseverance to do what he has done over the course of his lifetime, and a true testament to that phrase.