Tuesday, October 9, 2007

How long has it been since you contacted home?

If you are a CEO or manager, how long has it been since you have rung your own switchboard and listened to how the phone is being answered? How long has it been since you have read a work related email and checked the wording for tone, informational assistance and spelling/grammar? How much do you depend on the filters of management for your knowledge on communication2client quality? I suggest a few of you ring home. Check for chewing, a business name said so rapidly that the client has to ask for a repeat, colloquial greetings (if you like "G'day" fine but ensure what you hear is what you are happy with), impatience before the client or caller has even begun their dialogue, being asked for the same information repeatedly (like your name!) and so on.

Businesses should have a lot of pride in quality reception staff and PA's. Seek standards and know they exist, personally.

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