Thursday, October 18, 2007

Happy Birthday October 20th, Kevin Roberts

This short video was developed by Piotr and myself in recognition of Kevin and his birthday on October 20th. We invite you to leave a birthday greeting for Kevin who will be invited to come and read contributions. This will also appear on Piotr's blog @ so please visit there and comment also.

With thanks,

Susan and Piotr


Josephine said...

Hi Susan hope you are well in Australia.

Happy Birthday Kevin Roberts, not sure exactly what you are, not a magician or a wizard as those words seem kind of disrespectful but kind of a Spartacus or a General Maximus.

So General, so I had half a message as often a person does before they receive a whole thing. In other words God was kind and I have now 2 books by Miguel Ruiz.
This isn't written as an approval thing by the way but it's written as a thank you.
I promise I wont keep saying thank you either. A student will only ever be as good or as wise as his teacher guides him to be and even them it will eventually be up to the student who he or she becomes.

I'm not sure if I ever said before but it with immense gratitude that I send you this Birthday message. My family and I are all indebted to you because with kindness and beautiful heavenly word magic you are helping me to experience new agreements and to taste my heaven once again. I am living well.

Last note today on the way home I noticed the pub next to my house. It is called the Angel and above the picture there is the word COURAGE.

I trust that your wife and children are well and of course please tell Jim Stengel that I am lusting after him...yes sorry Jim's wife but you have the real thing.

Many blessings to you and all at Saatchi and Saatchi all over the world that you may all truly enjoy your work and that your clients and customers will also embrace the message of love-which I read is the most powerful law in the Universe.

With love to you on your birthday and hello to Piotr-Susan and Andy Drish.


Tony said...

Nice work. The song just works so well for the clip.

Kevin will be touched!

Bret Pittman said...

Happy Birthday Kevin!

Murray Moss, Franklin Getchell and all of us at Moss and Mossonline wish you the very best and continued success!

Good Show, Susan!

John Prine said...

Dear Kevin, I wouldn't usually do something like this, but your friends reached out to me and let me know how much of an impact you have made on their lives. May all the good things in life continue to come your way. Happy Birthday Kevin! - John Prine

Nick Bishop - Oh Boy Records said...

Kevin, happy birthday from everyone here at Oh Boy as well!

Nick Bishop
Oh Boy Records

Kempton said...

Happy Birthday Kevin.

Great job Susan and Piotr. I will join in the fun and link to your video when I have a moment.

- Kempton

Susan Plunkett said...

I wanted to add that Christian Courtin-Clarins had been keen to add his good wishes. He was unable to come and post personally because of commitments.

I found Christian all Kevin suggested he was and more. A quick and great sense of humour. :)

Thanks to his PA Virginie for paving the way.

Kevin Roberts said...

Bret - thanks, I was in the store just a week or so back. It's still a weekend soho highspot!

Kevin Roberts said...

Josephine - 'what we do in life echoes in eternity' - maximus

Kevin Roberts said...

John - How very thoughtful of you. I appreciate the gesture enormously...and may your next album be as great as 'In Spite of Ourselves'. Hope to catch you in concert in the new year, congrats on a brilliant year on every front.

Kevin Roberts said...

And to all - many thanks for your birthday wishes and video. Another year older, wiser, better, faster!

Susan Plunkett said...

Hey, I believe we could have shown you older, wiser, better, faster with just two hands. I'm sure I saw the idea used on a blog somewhere (with slightly different words) :) . 'Faster' does have me thinking of tights and cape......

Piotr, if we go video V 2 in 2008, care to wear tights and to do a bit of acting?