Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tis the season...

Yes I'm a critic of the Lovemark concept as it applies across all sectors of the populace. I don't agree that people on low incomes seek mystery, sensuality and intimacy from their shopping experiences as such. Sometimes yes but all the time, no.
That said, I did nominate the Salvation Army.

In my letterbox today came a flyer describing some of the items the Sallies would welcome distributing to people for Christmas. There was a stock array of food items: puddings, jelly, soft drinks, cereals, tinned foods and meats, longlife milks and custard and so on; christmas crackers.

There was also a list I'd like to offer here:

Disposable Razors
Children's story books
Teenage story books

When you are next at the supermarket might I encourage you to select one or all of the toiletry items and take them to your local Salvation Army Office or similar charity who offer such items to families at Christmas. I always find discount stories have a decent array of kids books.

No preaching, just if you'd like to.

K-Mart here also has a Christmas tree at stores where wrapped gifts for people can be left. You choose a tag from the tree and buy a gift to suit the age group and gender.

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