Saturday, November 3, 2007

Grow One for Movember! Sponsor?

Here in Australia (and hopefully throughout the world) men's health issues are becoming as well known and profiled as women's health. Movember is a simple and fun way to raise funds for Prostrate Cancer Research and to support beyondblue and issues of male depression.
Depression is a highly problematic societal health issue and suicide rates in the male population are so terribly high.
My son is participating in Movember and would welcome sponsorship. He is in a workplace team and their employer will match dollar for dollar to $2K:®o=86628&country=
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Tony said...

Great cause - I hope your son chose a suitable style!

Susan Plunkett said...

All rather amusing in the sense he has to shave off all his face fur to do this :) He is always very dedicated to this and Shave for a Cure and does the bald eagle look every year. Last year he raised quite a bit for cancer research along with thousands of others here. Shave for a Cure is a great comp and very embraced here nationally. I knew the family who commenced the program - I used to rent a property from them actually and they couldn't be more genuine about the cause. Cheers Tony!

Susan Plunkett said...

"Had" to shave past tense. He shaved well before Movember started.