Friday, November 9, 2007

Bouquets to a lady called Lisa...

Some time ago I spoke on Kevin's blog about issues to do with service and response to product or service flaws. I had bought two DVD's on two occasions from the same major retailer and twice had to go back because they had put the wrong disks in the packs.

From that very same retailer I bought a packaged DVD set.There was usual blurb on the case about content in the episodes (including guest appearances) and indeed certain images were imprinted on the disks themselves. However, in viewing the disks it became obvious that certain content was missing. I didn't have the wrong disks: content was simply missing.

I personally went to the store and discussed this. My name and number were taken. Nothing. I was again in the store and raised this. THIS time one of the staff did call the distributor but rang me later the same day to say they (retailer) could do nothing about the issue (vis it's not our fault so we can't do more than this). I rang the distributor myself and wound up with a branch of the distributor and a lady called "Lisa".

Lisa was aware I wasn't seeking my money back and that I was simply trying to advise about a problem issue. We discussed the nature of the problem and I was offered two new DVD's gratis for having been "disappointed" with my purchase.

I mean...YAYYYYYYYYYYY. NOT for the freebies per se but because of the RESPONSE.

In these times of such focus being placed on service and connection, I rarely am given the kind of response Lisa offered me. That response shouldn't be a rarity in my life.

Oh, and why do I go to that retailer in the face of my disappointment? Because I am pressed for certain choice where I am. If I locate a suitable alternative I will move on.

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