Saturday, December 8, 2007

Please, show others their lives mean something.

You're a seventeen year old boy. You have no family to go to at Christmas. You live on the street. The Salvos found you one day and gave you a card to go to a hall for a lovely Christmas lunch. It's great you have a lunch.

You have no gift. There's no-one to tell you that to them you mean something. That your presence on this Earth is important.

You're an 86 year old lady with no family. You have made yourself a little Christmas lunch.

No-one has come to show you that you life has really meant something to them.


Please, go buy two Hoyts movie tickets and ensure they will be given to a 17 year old on Christmas day.

Please, go buy some soap and a washer and a lovely book and ensure that they will be taken to the 86 year old lady on the day.

Please, show others their lives mean something.
Check with your local Salvos or St Vincent de Paul or similar and find a way to show someone in need this Christmas that, to someone out there, their lives mean something and they are not forgotten.


Drew McLellan said...


For many years, it has been part of our family tradition to adopt a family who just can't give their kids a Christmas.

It is truly one of the highlights of the season for us. We shop for them as a family, imagining just the right gifts, wrap them together and then feel the glow of that the rest of the season.

One of our "rules" is that we want to drop the gifts off anonymously. That's truly the spirit of the holidays. To give with no expectation of a thanks or any hoopla. To simply give.

Thanks for the reminder.


Susan Plunkett said...

That's great Drew. May I ask how you locate that family? You know, I felt the same excitement. I loved putting the box together. So far I've just put toiletries in like toothpaste and shampoo and conditioner and tissues etc but I'll add a towel and hand towel and a couple of books before the food.

It's interesting how we choose what perhaps means a lot to our experience. You have a joyous, giving family and so give.

I have spent two Christmases completely alone in the last decade and so now I think of all those people alone who don't have anyone letting them know their lives are important.

I really think that is an enormous issue for our well being.