Saturday, December 1, 2007

When You're Told You're Doing Too Much For The Clients

I raised this issue on another blog and received some very supportive comments. What does it say about an employer who tells an employee that they are 'over-servicing' the client?

Wouldn't you think an employer would be delighted to have attentive and comprehensive staff, given of course that other clients are not made to wait unduly?

Not necessarily.

Two rationales from employers I've heard:

The clients will end up loving YOU too much rather than our service.

Other staff cannot or will not give the same service as you and thus you set unrealistic expectations in clients for the general service they will receive at this business.

Are some of you folks blinking reading this? Let me assure you, both these examples are real.

I've love to hear some comments on this but I'm going to take one of the issues to the next topic in a day or so.

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