Sunday, December 2, 2007

When You're Told You're Doing Too Much For The Clients#2

The clients will end up loving YOU too much rather than our service.

How about:

1. The business decides to investigate just-what-it-is that generates such good feelings towards the staff member and works to replicate this in a) other service centres in its organisation (and to train in-coming staff), and b) potentially within the organsational ethos.
2. Determining whether the staff member is actually making up for a short-fall in the business product or service.
3. Recognising that the connection is worth harnessing for research purposes.

Unless a business feels a staff member is being somehow subversive and swinging client perceptions to the negative re the business service, I'd treat a staff member well liked by the client base as if they were a valuable resource, rather than a problem child.

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